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Nvidia’s folding client gets beta and better

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Posted June 19, 2008 by admin in News

The FAQ is located here.

After running the original GPU core for quite some time and analyzing its results, we have learned a lot about running GPGPU software. For example, it has become clear that a GPGPU approach via DirectX (DX) is not sufficiently reliable for what we need to do. Also, we’ve learned a great deal about GPU algorithms and improvements. One of the really exciting aspects about GPU’s is that not only can they accelerate existing algorithms significantly, they get really interesting in that they can open doors to new algorithms that we would never think to do on CPUs at all (due to their very slow speed on CPUs, not but GPU’s).

After much effort, we have taken all we’ve learned about GPUs from the first generation client and produced a second generation client. This new client appears to be faster, more reliable, and has more scientific functionality. The preliminary results so far from it look very exciting, and we’re excited to now open up the client for FAH donors to run.

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