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Intel not releasing USB 3.0 spec to gain advantage

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Posted June 13, 2008 by admin in News

Intel formed the USB Implementers Forum in 1995 with other industry players, including Microsoft, “to support and accelerate adoption of USB-compliant peripherals,” according to an overview of the specification on the chipmaker’s Web site.

“The challenge is that Intel is not…giving the specification to anybody that competes with CPUs and chipsets,” said a source close to AMD who is familiar with the dispute.

As a result, AMD, Nvidia, Via Technologies and others (not yet specified) could be driven to create their own USB 3.0 specification. “We are going to be forced to create a secondary specification” that would be introduced along with the Intel spec, the source close to AMD said. “To create a new open host controller standard for USB 3.0.”

“We are starting development on it right now,” the AMD source added. The first meeting of members of the alternate “open” specification is slated to take place next week, a source close to Nvidia said. “We fully intend to productize this spec.”

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