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How Nvidia “stuffed up” the GTX 280 launch

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Posted June 19, 2008 by admin in News

The thing is though, I?ve tested the HD 4850, and what?s interesting is that the card is going to be a mid-range solution. But in Crossfire? – Wow! – With the amount of people who have CF boards as well, thanks to the Intel CPU and chipset being the products of choice, this is going to be a great solution.

With that said though, it?s not ground breaking performance in the sense that it?s pushing out numbers we haven?t seen before. See, I?m probably not allowed to say this, but it helps me put my point across a bit better. The GTX 280 is slower than a pair of CrossFired 4850s for the most part; it?s also $250 AUD dearer. The price on the HD 4850 in AUD is around $250, so $500 for a pair while the GTX 280 is starting at $750. So, a pair of 4850s isn?t enough to drag me away from my consoles, but the 4870s should if the 4850 is anything to go by. The best thing about them however is that the value these cards will offer is nothing short of astonishing.

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