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Guitar Hero: World Tour preview published

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Posted June 20, 2008 by admin in Gaming

The biggest addition to the new guitar is the touch pad located on the neck. While playing a song, this touch sensitive strip allows you to alter notes during sustains by sliding up and down the strip (giving more freedom and options than what you had before with just a whammy bar). It can also be used for tapping to play notes, particularly awesome if you want to mimic a slap bass. The real power of the touch pad comes in the music creator. We’ll get to that soon.

Other changes have been made to the design as well. The back/select button has been made to look like the bridge of the guitar. It’s easier to hit for activating star power and gives a more realistic look to the body. The entire body is bigger, as well, approaching something closer to a real guitar. The d-pad has been given a bit of style as well by reshaping it to look more like a knob.

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