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GeForce GTX 260, 280 performance figures leak

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Posted June 13, 2008 by admin in News

They confirm pretty much all of stories that has been posted in the recent present. GeForce GTX 280 is a full-size 10.5″ dual-slot card sporting 1.4 billion transistors, 933GFLOPS of processing power, and 240 fully loaded shaders. The core clock is perhaps a bit lower than expected, but still decent at 600MHz, while the 0.8ns 1GB GDDR3 memory has a 512-bit memory bus at its disposal. The other of the two, GeForce GTX260, will have two less memory chips, which means a 448-bit bus and 896MB memory, and “only” 192 shaders. The core clock has also been lowered to 575MHz.

Beside the raw performance, GeForce GTX brings other features to the game. A seriously optimized power consumption is probably what impresses us the most. Even if the power consumption during load is close to double (184%) that of GeForce 9800GTX, the idle power is has been reduced by 45 percentages.

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