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Crysis Warhead will run smoothly on budget PC’s

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Posted June 21, 2008 by admin in Gaming

We wanted players not to be afraid of being unable to play our product. Warhead is a game everyone can play. It will be playable on a ?400 PC?and at the “High” detail setting. The game will run at a very good frame rate, I think 30 to 35 FPS on average. . . . That was already partially possible with Crysis. But if you had a poorly configured ?2,000 PC, it lost against a better-configured ?600-700 PC. That means some people had ?2,000-3,000 invested in the wrong configuration. . . . To a certain degree, these optimizations could be patched into Crysis. But that will take a lot of time, because the optimizations go quite far. We are currently getting started with this, but we want to finish Warhead first.

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