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Crysis Warhead single-player campaign detailed

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Posted June 27, 2008 by admin in Gaming

Quoting the latest PC Gamer issue, Czech site Tiscali Games says Crysis Warhead will be a standalone game with an 8-10-hour single-player campaign. Players will take control of Psycho, the Jason Statham-esque character from the original, as he explores the other side of the island.

Aside from running better on low-end systems than its predecessor, Warhead reportedly won’t require DirectX 10 support for “maximum details and full effects.” Crytek will also tweak gameplay a little by making Warhead less linear, implementing better character artificial intelligence, and including a more straightforward multiplayer mode. Gamers can look forward to new vehicles, “at least two” new weapons, and perhaps new nanosuit functions.

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