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AMD foresee multi-GPU graphics future

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Posted June 19, 2008 by admin in News

He adds that Nvidia’s GT200 will be the company’s last “monolithic GPU”.

We didn’t want to come out with one monolithic GPU and then disable parts of it for different markets,” said an AMD spokesman prior to a full disclosure of the part in a briefing in San Francisco on June 16.

The strategy makes sense for the financially troubled AMD which also has laid out conservative road maps for its computer processors. The graphics choice reduces costs and risks while maximizing returns for the company which has suffered through multiple loss-making quarters.

The decision to use a two-chip strategy for the high end was made more than two years ago, based on an analysis of yields and scalability. It was not related to AMD’s recent financial woes, said Rick Bergman, general manager of AMD’s graphics division.

“I predict our competitor will go down the same path for its next GPU once they see this,” Bergman said. “They have made their last monolithic GPU.”

“On paper the AMD approach looks good,” said Jon Peddie, principal of graphics market watcher Jon Peddie Research (Tiburon, Calif.). “If it works, it will be a significant shift in how GPUs are made, but we won’t know until later this year” when customers can test the new parts, he said.

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