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Archive for June 12th, 2021

Twenty minute Far Cry 2 footage emerges

Ubisoft recently showed-off 20 minutes of footage from the forthcoming Far Cry 2. The footage can be accessed over at Shacknews.

AMD revives All-in-Wonder graphics series

AMD has revived its All-in-Wonder lineup by adding a TV tuner to a Radeon HD 3650 and re-branding it the All-in-Wonder HD. We're more interested in the black PCB, to be honest.

Radeon HD 4870 in stock at TigerDirect

With an asking price of $309, online retailer TigerDirect is now listing a total of four HD 4870 models, which are surprisingly all in stock. Newegg are also listing a few models, though stock is quite limited.

Firefox 3.0 downloads surpass 19 million

While the dust settles from its launch day spectacle, Firefox 3.0's download mark has now hit 19.6 million within the first week of availability.

HD 4850 renders four high-def movies in real time

While the hardware community are busy playing with their new HD 4870's, we're left to report about its little brother rendering four HD movies in real-time.

Forceware 177.40 betas are up for grabs

Following the launch of Forceware 175.19 earlier in the week, and prior to that the PhysX supporting 177.39's, the beta version of Forceware 177.40 has now been leaked online.

Asetek launch first HD 4870 liquid cooling

With the Radeon HD 4870 fresh out the door, Asetek have rather quickly introduced a liquid cooling system dubbed the "LCL".

Next StarCraft installment arriving December 3rd

StarCraft fans will be pleased to know that the next installment in the series (which is creatively named StarCraft II) will hit retail on December 3rd this year.

Nvidia respond to 3DMark cheating allegations

Since the release of the first PhysX supporting graphics drivers, accusations that Nvidia is "cheating" in 3DMark Vantage have flooded the web. Thanks to HotHardware, we now have an explanation.

Nintendo explain Paper Mario court case dismissal

Nintendo has now explained why the Paper Mario court case - which involved using music in an advertisement without permission - was dismissed a mere six days after it was filed.

Adobe release Creative Suite 3.3, Acrobat 9

Slightly ahead of schedule, Adobe have rolled out Creative Suite 3.3, which includes version 9 of the company's Acrobat software.

Google appoint new Chief Financial Officer

Google has announced that former Bell Canada executive Patrick Pichette is set to become the company's next chief financial officer. He will replace George Reyes.

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