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Archive for March 2nd, 2021

Firefox 3.0 – the most memory efficient browser

Prior to Firefox 3.0's launch, Mozilla pledged to break the browser's nasty habit of, shall we say, hogging system memory. It now seems that Firefox 3.0 has solved this problem once and for all!

Windows 7 to arrive in 2010, says Microsoft

Microsoft senior vice president Bill Veghte has claimed that Windows 7 will ship "approximately three years after the... launch date of Windows Vista." This will no doubt be denied at a later date, though.

Asus launch HD 4850 equipped with 1GB memory

In usual Asus fashion, the company has gone against the crowd and launched the first HD 4850 equipped with 1GB of memory. Also detailed is the company's HD 4870 offering.

Microsoft to support XP through to 2014

Due to the weak demand for Vista, Microsoft has announced that it will extend support for Windows XP through to 2014, or 13 years after the OS first made an appearance.

Nintendo sued over Paper Mario ad

Nintendo is back in court for allegedly using music from the 1993 film "True Romance" during an advertisement for the Gamecube version of Paper Mario.

Intel’s mobile X9000 processor benchmarked

HotHardware have set out to discover how Intel's 2.8GHz mobile X9000 performs, or perhaps more importantly, how much power it consumes.

AMD recieves poor employee approval rating

AMD's CEO Hector Ruiz has been awarded with an 11% employee approval rating, according to reviews on the recently launched Glassdoor.com.

AMD to retaliate against GeForce 9800 GTX+

With the 9800 GTX+ knocking on the door, it seems that AMD is preparing to launch a wave of overclocked HD 4850's to counter the green-team's assault.

Forceware 175.19 released for older cards

Nvidia has released a set of drivers which are not, surprisingly, for its GTX 260 and 280. Despite the lack of major changes, Forceware 175.19 fixes various minor bugs.

Radeon HD 4870 launched, reviews ahoy

Nearly a week after the HD 4850's NDA was lifted, AMD has officially launched the Radeon HD 4870. Below you can find all the reviews published at the time of writing.

Radeon HD 4870 compared to GTX 260 prematurely

Expreview seems to have done the hard yards to bring us the first full HD 4870 review. The HD 4870 seems to have a slight edge over the GTX 260, though nothing's set in stone.

Bioshock should have failed, says programmer

According to lead programmer Chris Kline, Bioshock "should?ve failed". He then elaborated that it did in fact fail over the course of time. There's confidence for you!

Force3D show-off first Radeon HD 4870

Force3D, the AMD derivative of Inno3D, has jumped the gun on launching its HD 4870. A core speed of 750 MHz, along with GDDR5 memory clocked at 900MHz is on the agenda.

Firefox 3.0 downloads hit 17.3 million, already

Following its record breaking launch, Firefox 3.0 has now surpassed 17.3 million downloads. This figure is slightly more than double the browser's launch day downloads.

Sony losing hefty amount over PlayStation 3

Sony recently informed investors that the company has lost 3.32 billion primarily because of the PS3. This comes as a result of selling the console remarkably cheaper than its manufacturing price.

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