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Archive for October 18th, 2021

GeForce GTX 260 to launch on June 25th, apparently

Despite AMD and Nvidia's tendency to alter things at the last minute, word has it that the GTX 260 will launch the same day as the HD 4870 (June 25th).

Asus Eee PC 1000 fully reviewed, dissected

As promised earlier in the month, TweakTown has now published their full review of the Eee PC 1000. They also couldn't resist having a close look inside.

HD 4850 CrossFire scaling put to the test

Both VR-Zone and TweakTown have tested how the HD 4850 scales in CrossFire. VR-Zone then took things one step further, and discovered that CrossFireX is limited by premature drivers.

HD 4800-series will not mix with RV670, it seems

Just in case the thought crossed your mind, it seems that mixing past generation HD 3800-series cards with the newer HD 4850 and 4870 will simply not work, despite previous claims.

Overclocker busts highest FSB record – 724MHz set

Aussie overclocker "youngpro" has set the world record for the highest FSB speed ever recorded. Using a Biostar TPower I45, featuring Intel's P45 chipset, he hit 724MHz.

Dell prolong Windows XP execution date

Dell has moved back the cut-off date for XP systems to June 26th. After this date, users will have to buy a Vista machine and "downgrade" to XP.

Nvidia to attempt longest Lan party record

During NVISION 08, Nvidia is planning on breaking the world record for the longest running Lan party. 36 hours is the current record.

Early Bloomfield stepping benchmarked

A member of the XtremeSytems forum has published various benchmarks using an early B0 stepping Bloomfield processor, which was clocked at 2.93GHz.

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