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Archive for October 18th, 2021

Nvidia release first PhysX graphics drivers

Following its acquisition of Ageia, Nvidia has finally launched the first PhysX-enabled drivers. Forceware 177.39 requires PhysX driver 8.06.12 in order to function correctly.

Radeon HD 4850 shortages in the UK

As Fudzilla points out, there seems to be a HD 4850 shortage currently in the UK. After searching many online e-tailers, a HD 4850 is indeed a rare find.

Radeon HD 4870 launch price plummets

AMD will reportedly launch the HD 4870 at a price of $299, as opposed to the previously intended $329. The lower price positions the board as a closer rival to Nvidia's GTX 260.

Firefox 3.0 downloads surpass 10 million mark

After surpassing roughly 8.3 million downloads on launch day - breaking a Guinness World Record - Firefox 3.0 has now crossed the 10 million mark in less than 48 hours.

DreamHack Summer 2008: the low-down

NordicHardware has published the low-down on DreamHack Summer 2008. The four page article contains numerous photos and covers the 3DMark records broken at the event.

Guitar Hero: World Tour preview published

While we've already seen a live demonstration, the folks over at IGN have published a Guitar Hero: World tour preview, including various photos and screenshots.

9800 GTX+ performance preview published

Keeping to today's 9800 GTX+ theme, our colleagues over at FiringSquad have published the first performance preview of the revised board.

GeForce 9800 GTX+ pixellated inside and out

Adding to the assortment of images published in the previous story, Bit-Tech has gotten up close and personal with a 9800 GTX+.

GeForce 9800 GTX+ features a 55nm chip

One feature Nvidia failed to inform the press of was that its 9800 GTX+ utilizes a 55nm G92b core, which was originally thought to debut in the forthcoming 9800 GT.

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