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Archive for June 13th, 2021

GeForce 9800GTX+ confirmed by Nvidia, already

More evidence of a 9800 GTX+ has arisen in the form of an email from Nvidia. The main reason behind a revision is the HD 4850, which poses as a threat to the green-camp's mid-range sector.

How Nvidia “stuffed up” the GTX 280 launch

A column has emerged which delves into how Nvidia "stuffed" up the launch of its GTX 280. Also included is some confirmation that two HD 4850's do outperform a single GTX 280.

Nvidia’s folding client gets beta and better

Members of the PureOC folding team will be pleased to know that a new beta of the upcoming Nvidia client has been released. It currently only supports ForceWare 174.55 drivers.

GeForce GTX 280 availability check in US

TechReport has done the homework for you on where the very few GTX 280's out there are located. Newegg, TigerDirect, ZipZoomFly and Buy.com were referenced.

Nvidia preparing faster 9800 GTX drivers

Nvidia is reportedly preparing a new driver for its 9800 GTX, which will offer enough performance improvements to internally dub it the 9800 GTX+...

ExtremeTech review triple core Phenom 8750

ExtremeTech has published their review on the triple-core Phenom 8750 CPU. The 2.4GHz chip went up against Intel's 3.0GHz E8400, and the results are quite even.

Nvidia roll-out ForceWare 177.35 drivers

Simultaneously launched with the GTX 200-series, Nvidia has rolled-out ForceWare 177.35 for early GTX 260/280 adopters. Detailed below are the fixes and improvements.

More preliminary HD 4870 3DMark scores surface

Those of you not taking kindly to the continuous delays will be pleased to know that some more preliminary 3DMark scores have surfaced for the HD 4870.

AMD moves forward HD 4850 NDA to today

In an unexpected turn of events, AMD has moved forward the NDA for its HD 4850 from June 25th to today. As such, we'll be adding coverage as the day progresses...

Radeon HD 4870 to initially be a rare find

It is believed that AMD's HD 4870 will ship to distributors next week, and be widely available around early/mid-July - or roughly July 8th as defined earlier today.

Mozilla’s Firefox 3.0 claims desired world record

Despite a few server hick-ups, Mozilla's Firefox 3.0 has claimed the record for the most software downloads on a single day. 8.3 million downloads were processed within the first 24 hours.

VIA want TSMC to produce 45nm Nanos

VIA is looking to sign foundry TSMC as the manufacturer of its upcoming dual-core 45nm Nano chips. The current versions are made by Fujitsu, and are 65nm.

AMD’s RV770 is the size of a US Dime

In opposing fashion to Nvidia's huge GT200 core, a picture published over at TweakTown shows AMD's RV770 to be the "size of a US Dime".

Radeon HD 4000-series revised launch dates

Confirming recent rumours, DailyTech believe that AMD's HD 4850 will launch on June 25th. Alternative sources cite a date of July 8th for the arrival of the HD 4870.

AMD has an Atom competitor up its sleeve

The folks over at Hexus have come across a leaked slide from AMD, which indicates that the company won't be sitting out of the race for ultra-mobile supremacy.

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