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Archive for October 18th, 2021

XP, Gates to be partially wiped out on June 30th

According to news.com, Bill Gates is set to retire from his daily roles at Microsoft on June 30th, although he will remain chairman and advisor. Windows XP will partially disappear on that date, also.

MSI’s Wind delayed again, battery weakened

MSI's Eee PC clone, the Atom-based Wind, has been delayed until June 27th. No reasoning for the set-back is disclosed, though the battery has apparently been downgraded to a 3-cell.

AMD demonstrate Cinema 2.0 technology

AMD has released a handful of video footage showcasing its new Cinema 2.0 tech, which offers "cinema-quality digital images rendered in real-time with interactivity".

GPU-Z updated to version 0.2.4

While Silicon Valley is busy playing with Nvidia's new GTX lineup, the folks at Techpowerup have rolled out yet another another version of GPU-Z.

NAND flash prices are on the way down, again

As a result of weak demand, the price for 8GB NAND flash chips has dropped to as low as $2.35, according to DigiTimes.

Firefox 3.1 development already underway

With the debut of Firefox 3.0 taking place later today, Mozilla has already begun work on version 3.1, which is slated to arrive in early July.

Intel show-off ray-traced ET: Quake Wars at 720p

Intel's latest ray-tracing stunt involves Enemy Territory: Quake Wars running at 720p, powered by a 16-core (4 socket, 4 core) Tigerton system at 2.93GHz.

Sony preparing motion detecting PS3 controller

With E3 looming, Sony is reportedly preparing a new PS3 controller which breaks into two even halves both featuring an accelerometer, much like Nintendo's Wii.

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