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Archive for October 18th, 2021

NVIDIA GeForce 280 GTX & 260 GTX reviews

They're?finally here, so how do?they hold up against the last generation of GPU's from AMD and Nvidia? Find out below with?this collection of reviews from around the web.

Asus predict 40% revenue boost from Eee PC

Asus' president Jerry Shen expects the Eee PC lineup to account for 40% of the company's total revenue for 2009.

AMD’s FireStream 9250 breaks one teraflops

AMD utilized its presence at the International Supercomputing Conference by announcing the new FireStream 9250, which breaks the 1 teraflop-barrier.

Dell release final XP equipped systems

Dell has added to its lineup the final three machines to ship with Windows XP. The Inspiron 530s and 530 desktops, along with the 1520 notebook will be available until June 18th.

3DMark Vantage record busted at Dreamhack

Although he won't hold it for long, German overclocker "no_name" has claimed the 3DMark Vantage record (both Extreme and Performance profiles) at DreamHack...

Yahoo, Google to weld instant messaging features

Yahoo and Google are preparing to take things to the next level, announcing a new "interoperability" between the two giant's instant messaging services.

Todays reviews from the web

The latest reviews from around the web, including the P5Q Deluxe P45 board, Phenom X4 9850, Intel E7200, and many more. Hardware fix ahoy!

PureOC rss feed problem now fixed

In the last few weeks we have experienced intermittent problems with our RSS feeds not parsing correctly. In many programs it prevented them from updating at all. The problem is now fixed!

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