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Bill Gates retirement coverage swamps the web

Rather detailed Bill Gates retirement coverage has surfaced on DailyTech, Reuters, ZDNet and SeattlePI. Additionally, an audio post of Gates' final speech is available.

Dell expand notebook lineup with Studio series

Dell has added to its notebook portfolio the new Studio series. Both the Studio 15 and 17 are aimed to fill the price gap between the XPS and low-cost Inspiron lineup.

Radeon HD 4870 X2 pictured nude in pretty pixels

Since a few blurry pictures emerged on our forums, we've been waiting to see these for quite some time. Thanks to Chiphell, we now have some HD 4870 X2 nude shots at hand.

CPU-Z version 1.46 is now up for grabs

There’s a fresh version of CPU-Z up for grabs over at CPUID. Version 1.46 adds support for AMD’s Puma platform, along with Intel’s Dunnington Xeons.

RV770 supports a 100% ray traced pipeline

It appears that AMD's RV770 core supports a 100% fully ray-traced pipeline. This comes as a result of highly-coded Tessellation and anti-aliasing algorithms.

Crysis Warhead teaser trailer released

Following the recent information regarding the single-player campaign, a teaser trailer for Crysis Warhead has popped up on Shackvideo.

MSI’s Wind notebook pushed back to July 7th

Taking a look at MSI's online store, it appears that the Atom-powered Wind has been delayed until July 7th. Gizmodo states that the smaller 3-cell batteries are part of the problem.

AMD predict 40% graphics market share in Q3

According to DigiTimes, the success of the RV770 core is looking to boost AMD's discrete graphics market share to 40% within months (from the current 30%).

Cooler Master launch V8 CPU cooler

Following the initial showcasing at this year's CES, Cooler Master has now officially launched its V8 CPU cooler.

Firefox 3.1 going Alpha in July, Beta in August

Mozilla has plans to present the first Alpha version of Firefox 3.1 by July, and then move the update to Beta come August.

Blizzard announce third Diablo installment

Blizzard has today announced the third installment in the Diablo series. The title promises a new 3D graphics engine, as well as physics-enhanced environments.

Nvidia eager to launch 55nm GT200, upsetting partners

As a result of a $110 manufacturing price per core, as well as yields reaching as low as 40 per cent, Nvidia is in a hurry to roll-out the 55nm GT200 core.

Microsoft buy mobile software maker MobiComp

Microsoft has announced that it plans to buy MobiComp, who specialize in developing mobile software for sites such as Facebook.

Nvidia roll-out another driver release – Forceware 177.41

The flurry of driver releases coming from Nvidia these last few weeks have almost been hard to keep up with. The latest version is Forceware 177.41, which does support the GTX 200 series.

Gainward to end Nvidia exclusivity once and for all

As a result of the Radeon HD 4000-series, Gainward is ending its exclusivity with Nvidia, and is preparing to launch a reference HD 4850 and HD 4870.

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