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Zotac’s new 8800 GT will support Hybrid Power

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Posted May 28, 2008 by admin in News

There are some talks about GeForce 8 series card supports Hybrid Power before NVIDIA?s Hybrid SLI comes out, but after the launch only 9800GX2 and later cards have this feature.

But hey, Zotac?s new 8800GT have Hybrid Power by adding two extra chips. let?s look at the card first. This card coded N8800GT-1024D3 HP with 1GB DDR3 memory, and default clock is 660/1800MHz.It just looks like another reference design 8800GT but Zotac changed the VRM part a lot. It have 3 phase VRM for GPU, each phase has three MOSFET.

Here is the card?s selling point. with PIC16F690 and PI3C3126QE located beside DVI port, and a NV ForceWare driver, you can make the world greener by turn your GFX card off.

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