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Shacknews take a closer look at Far Cry 2

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Posted May 29, 2008 by admin in Gaming

My time with the PC version started in the middle of a jungle, but by the end, I had seen river canyons, swamps, savannas, dusty camps and tribal villages. Technically speaking, Far Cry 2’s modeling is perhaps a little less staggering than Crysis’. Artistically speaking, it’s like comparing one painting to ten paintings.

“We basically built the engine from the ground up to be able to create this open world,” said Amancio, speaking at a rapid clip, clearly excited about his game. “It’s a 50 square kilometer open world game. It’s streaming, so no loading. Everything is dynamic. The plants that you’re seeing, the animations, they’re not animated–this is really procedural. If there was to be a storm, and the wind would kick up, you’d have branches breaking off–the trees would react.”

Like Crysis, you can shoot the branches off of trees. Like Crysis, you can choose to attack enemy camps using a stealth or straightforward approach. Like Crysis, you can drive vehicles, and pick up enemy weapons, and shoot people.

But that’s where the similarities end. Unlike Crysis, this game is about anything but linear progression, island environments, and aliens.

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