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P45 to bring overclocking twist!

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Posted May 13, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

The kicker that this is a completely blind art ? you?ve quite literally got to sit there for hours and tweak the nuts off the board trying combinations of GTL and Skew settings until you find something that works. To make matters worse as soon as you change the front side bus, memory timings, the CPU (no two CPUs are identical, even if you buy a ?Q6600 G0?), the memory sticks (there are different tolerances between batches of the same product, never mind different products!), update the BIOS, or even if you?re using the same board as someone else there?s no guarantee that one set of settings will work on another board.

So there you have it, prepare to invest in some serious time if you?re upgrading, or wait and see what happens when everything gets integrated on the CPU with Nehalem because AMD doesn?t have this problem. However word is on the net that Intel will lock overclocking out of every Nehalem CPU apart from the most expensive Bloomfield options, basically screwing over all us value-enthusiasts. With this in mind, is there even any point in review sites ?reviewing? overclocking any more, since it’s unlikely that the end user will be able to replicate it because of equipment diversity?

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