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Office 2008’s first service-pack released

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Posted May 14, 2008 by admin in News

Microsoft says the service pack will improve performance when you type text into a text box, shape, or chart element. A more-intelligent Remove Office tool will no longer search for copies of Office in a Time Machine backup, while another fix provides for proper layer positioning with inserted PSD files.

Office 2004 applications could quit unexpectedly when users tried to copy content into them from an Office 2008 program; Service Pack 1 fixes this bug.

Word 2008 changes: Improvements to the word-processing application include a set of new business card templates that work in Publishing Layout view. Among the fixes to Word, the Service Pack will properly apply the Customize workspace background setting in Publishing Layout view and Notebook Layout view to new documents; correctly apply font formatting changes to content when you use the Repeat command; and allow characters such as hyphens to display correctly when the font formatting is changed to Small Caps.

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