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Nvidia move forward GTX 260, 280 NDA date

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Posted May 28, 2008 by admin in News

Well, the problem is that June 3 is the first day of Computex. I may be crazy, but that says to me anyone who went to the ‘pyramid slide’ show is NDAd till the 17th, but anyone who didn’t will get all the info at Computex. Since they aren’t encumbered, they can write it up. So, basically take their expensive junket and lose by two weeks, or don’t and get the story first, see here and here.

Meanwhile, NV doesn’t lose any sleep, and probably gets a sadistic chuckle or three out of it. They are the only company out there where playing fair with them guarantees you will lose.

All this said, we present you the two memos. They are replete with blue, red and black text, underlined, occasionally in a different color. Phil, you make my head hurt, HTML emails on this scale should be a war crime. That said, I edited it all out to spare you, the gentle reader.

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