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Intel Bloomfield CPU pictured with X58

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Posted May 31, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

The socket is still LGA, but instead of the 775 used on current boards, this one now features 1366 pins and is slightly rectangular ? not Pentium Pro rectangular, but simply a stretched out square.

The back of the socket now has a metal backplate to brace itself and I?m afraid you?ll be buying a new heatsink too because the socket fittings have changed since LGA775. In fact, the whole area that needs to be exclusively for ?Intel CPU use? is now apparently over twice the volume of that compared to LGA775 giving motherboard manufacturers even less space to shoehorn in additional components.

Since the CPU now has the memory controller built in, the memory slots are now that much higher up the board, guaranteeing space above the upper most PCI-Express x16 graphics slot. MSI also includes six memory slots because the CPU has triple channel DDR3, and exclusively DDR3, so you?ll have to buy at least three DIMMs to make the most of the new upper-tier Intel platform.

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