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How Intel will lock overclocking on LGA 1160

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Posted May 10, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Until now we didn’t know how this had been implemented, but we’ve learned some more about it and it looks like there is no easy work around. As these processors have the memory controller and a few more bits integrated into the CPU itself, Intel suddenly has a lot more control than it has had with past designs that utilized a separate chipset which contains the memory controller.

As Intel seems to want to push the much more expensive Bloomfield platform to overclockers, the company implemented a lock that prevents these new processors from being overclocked by adding two PLL clock generators, one inside the CPU itself and one in the PCH.

This might not sound like it’s a big problem in itself, but what Intel has done is that these two will clock generators will reference eachother and this means that just changing the bus speed won’t have any effect if you’re trying to overclock the CPU as it will dissregard the information from the PCH if it’s not a correct value.

If no workaround is ever created, users will either be forced to AMD, or will have to opt for the higher-end Bloomfield processors (socket 1366).

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