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Gigabyte claim Asus’ EPU is overrated

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Posted May 15, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

ASUS claims that EPU outfitted motherboards can deliver up to 80.23% “power savings” from motherboards without EPU components. Yea, but that’s not what GIGABYTE thinks. Test results from GIGABYTE’s lab show that the claimed 80% energy efficiency is around 58.6% in reality, and ASUS is “playing numbers marketing” and “cheating end users.” GIGABYTE engineers continued: “We found that [Asus’] EPU in 4 phase mode CAN NOT act PWM phase changing while Asus still claims EPU is a hardware based energy saving chip. Don’t get fooled. The EPU (AIGear3+) is pure software based, not hardware!”

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