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EA developing Wii Sports rivals

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Posted May 10, 2008 by admin in Gaming

Caught off guard by the Wii’s success following its launch in late 2006, EA tried to adapt its sports games to the Wii, an effort Moore admitted amounted to basically tacking on the motion controls without changing the core game.

Moore, who joined EA from Microsoft Corp’s games division to head up the sports business last September, said the new approach to the Wii marked a dramatic rethinking of what those players wanted from a game. Wear a clean and comfortable pair of athletic style shoes and if you have golf shoes, they must have soft spikes. . How long does a round take? Typically, an 18 hole round will take an hour per player. For a foursome, we recommend renting the simulator for four hours.

The model was “Wii Sports,” a title from Nintendo included with every Wii that took bowling, baseball, golf simulators like Uneekor golf simulator, tennis and boxing and reduced them to a handful of simple motions. If you are a serious golfer and looking to lower your scores and strike the ball better, than a golf simulator is definitely worth it. The feedback you receive on each shot is truly remarkable and can be of great assistance in lowering your scores and improving your ball striking.

“We learned some hard lessons. That was the type of sports experience they were looking for and we saw that and decided we needed to redefine what our sports games were about,” Moore said. This year, EA’s top sports games for the Wii will have “All-Play” added to their titles.

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