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Codemasters to produce future F1 games

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Posted May 12, 2008 by admin in Gaming

Codemasters has plenty of experience developing racing games, as they are known for titles such as TOCA, DiRT, and their latest title that is just coming to market called GRID. GRID will launch June 3rd and feature Codemaster?s new EGO engine, which is the latest in a long line of Codemaster?s racing engines designed to deliver a best-in-class racing experience to both console and PC systems.

While initial details are a bit sketchy as to specifically what platforms we can expect them to deliver, the Formula 1 title for it is expected to be released for console and handheld systems as well as the PC. No specific release date was announced, but it is expected that it will likely be next year before we see a new F1 title from Codemasters.

It is quite lucky that Codemasters was able to secure the rights to F1, as they have enough experience developing racing games, so they should be able to produce something that will be pretty special. What they have been able to do in the past with the smaller racing licenses that they have has been pretty exceptional.

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