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Asus P5Q and P5Q3 Deluxe reviewed, again

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Posted May 23, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

In usual Asus fashion, the P5Qs are loaded with onboard peripherals and unique extras. Integrating 802.11n Wi-Fi is a particularly nice touch, and with a few more applications, we think the embedded Express Gate Linux distribution could be an extremely valuable tool for enthusiasts and mainstream users alike. Unfortunately, we’re not so keen on Asus’ Six Engine energy saving scheme, which relies too heavily on throttling processor clock speeds to conserve power. Tree-hugging ecomentalists may be willing to live with slower systems, but we can’t imagine many enthusiasts will be interested in dialing back performance in the name of power consumption.

Asus has set the bar for P45 motherboards with its P5Q and P5Q3 Deluxe, but you won’t be able to buy either until June 2. Expect to pay $209 for the P5Q and $229 for the P5Q3 when the boards do become available. At those prices, the P5Qs will likely reside at the high end of the P45 spectrum. Fortunately, their extra features and peripherals easily justify the extra cost.

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