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Asus’ HD 3850 Trinity reviewed

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Posted May 23, 2008 by admin in News

On the whole, the charts pretty much round up the performance of this three graphic monsters. The Trinity trails the EAH3870X2 by about ten-odd frames per second in Crysis and the deficit becomes glaring when you compare it against the 9800 GX2. However, it still manages to keep its own ground by giving rather good performance in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and returning the same performance figures as the EAH3870X2 at lower resolutions in World in Conflict…

With a simple heatpipe network as its main and only source of cooling, the card still runs cool and temperatures are acceptable. That said, the ASUS Trinity was able to complete the tests we threw at it without any hiccups, minus the annoying AMD driver issues. We strongly believe that the display drivers for ATI cards can still be polished much further. Another factor to consider is a unique triple-core setup. The drivers may be in-efficient in handling three-way CrossFire and hence poorer results when it comes to the pure gaming tests.

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