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AMD confirm GDDR5 support on RV770

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Posted May 22, 2008 by admin in News

Today?s GPU performance is limited by the rate at which data can be moved on and off the graphics chip, which in turn is limited by the memory interface width and die size. The higher data rates supported by GDDR5 ? up to 5x that of GDDR3 and 4x that of GDDR4 ? enable more bandwidth over a narrower memory interface, which can translate into superior performance delivered from smaller, more cost-effective chips.1 AMD?s senior engineers worked closely with industry standards body JEDEC in developing the new memory technology and defining the GDDR5 spec.

?The days of monolithic mega-chips are gone. Being first to market with GDDR in our next-generation architecture, AMD is able to deliver incredible performance using more cost-effective GPUs,? said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Product Group, AMD. ?AMD believes that GDDR5 is the optimal way to drive performance gains while being mindful of power consumption. We?re excited about the potential GDDR5 brings to the table for innovative game development and even more exciting game play.

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