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Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS4 evaluated

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Posted May 29, 2008 by admin in News

The most obvious change to the program is Dreamweaver CS4’s new user interface. The old Macromedia look-and-feel has finally been replaced with an interface that matches the other applications in Adobe’s Creative Suite. (Dreamweaver was among the Macromedia products absorbed by Adobe when it bought its one-time rival three years ago.)

While this change will take a while for long-time Dreamweaver users to get used to, the new interface significantly improves the usability of the program. Panels and windows mesh together well, are easier to organize, move and hide, and the new interface provides the flexibility to create a working environment that’s comfortable whether you’re working on a 17-inch monitor or a 30-inch Cinema Display.

In addition, the program has taken its first step toward supporting a feature that’s been in the other Creative Suite programs for years–SmartObjects. Dreamweaver CS4 now offers support for PhotoShop SmartObjects–you can drag a PSD file into a Web page within Dreamweaver, optimize the image for the Web, and even resize it.

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