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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Zalman launches CNPS-9300 AT cooler

Zalman has rather quietly launched its new CNPS-9300 AT cooler, which appears to supersede the CNPS-9700.

Internet Explorer 8 launching Q3

With IE8 launching quarter-three, Microsoft is urging developers to incorporate a new meta tagging system into their websites.

Windows 7’s multi-touch capabilities demonstrated

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have shown-off Windows 7's multi-touch capabilities, which was described as "the smallest snippet" of the OS.

Intel’s G45 and G43 to see short supply in Q3

Intel's G45 and G43 chipsets (which feature integrated DX10 graphics) are said to be in short supply throughout the upcoming third quarter.

Foxconn unveil G31 “Green” motherboard

Foxconn has unveiled its latest G31 motherboard, which is part of the new Green Series. Don't tell Gigabyte or we'll have another lawsuit on our hands!

TSMC to increase manufacturing prices

TSMC is expected to increase its prices in the near future, meaning AMD and Nvidia will have to pay more for its GPU's to be manufactured.

AMD to announce Puma platform on June 3rd

AMD is set to formally announce its Puma platform (featuring a Griffin CPU named "Turion Ultra") on June 3rd at Computex 2008.

MSI’s P45 motherboard features revealed

An assortment of features MSI wishes to include on their upcoming P45 motherboards have been revealed.

Adobe roll-out various CS4 trials

Adobe have released 48-hour trials for the CS4 version of Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundboothsome applications.

Intel’s Centrino 2 platform pushed back

Originally set for an early June launch, Intel's Centrino 2 platform (Montevina) has apparently been pushed back to July 14th.

Radeon HD 4870, 4850 are not high-end boards

Various leaked slides from AMD have made it apparent that the upcoming HD 4870 and 4850 are not high-end boards (essentially G92 equivalent).

Abit considering leaving motherboard market

After evaluating its Intel 4 series motherboard shipments, Abit is reportedly considering pulling out of the motherboard market.

Zotac’s new 8800 GT will support Hybrid Power

Although Nvidia's Hybrid Power is marketed as a 9800-series feature, Zotac have made an 8800 GT which supports the technology.

Gigabyte’s 790GX motherboard pixellated

Gigabyte's GA-MA79GP-DS4H motherboard, which is based on AMD's 790GX chipset with integrated graphics, has been pictured.

Nvidia move forward GTX 260, 280 NDA date

Nvidia have moved forward the NDA for its GTX 260 and 280 from June 18th to the 17th - one day after the first HD-4000 board's launch.

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