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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Radeon HD 4870, 4850 pixellated for the first time

We've seen the drawings, and the early cooler designs, but now the Radeon HD 4850 and 4870 have been pictured for real.

Intel prepare new quad core Yorkfield stepping

Intel is reportedly preparing the R0-stepping for its Yorkfield processors. A slightly lower TDP is to be expected over the current C1-stepping.

AMD’s dual RV770 board arriving August

Fudzilla believe that the R700 (two RV770's on one PCB) will launch in August, despite being ready in late June.

Panasonic robot climbs Grand Canyon

While Silicon Valley wakes up, we're left to report about a robot climbing the Grand Canyon, which was a publicity stunt for Panasonic's Evolta batteries.

Nvidia at the JPMorgan Conference

Beyond 3D have the details regarding Nvidia's presence at the JPMorgan Technology Conference last Tuesday.

Latest GPU-Z version now ready for download

The latest version of GPU-Z (the graphics processor derivative of CPU-Z) is now ready for download over at TechPowerUp.

Numerous Windows 7 screenshots emerge

While not all of these are new, a handful of screenshots have surfaced which show Windows 7 up and running...

Desktop Eee PC possible specifications?

A report has surfaced which indicates, despite previous claims, that the Eee Box will feature 2GB of memory, as well as a 160GB HDD.

HD 4000-series cooler shots not the final design

NordicHardware have been informed that the pictures of the HD 4000-series coolers published late last week were not of the final design, but should be close.

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