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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Asus decrease Eee PC 900’s battery in the UK

Eee PC consumers might like to know that the UK version of the Eee PC 900 features a 4400mAh battery, as opposed the 5800mAh seen in other countries.

Five things you’ll love about FireFox 3

PC World have compiled five things which you'll love about FireFox 3. You can find out if you agree or not by downloading RC1.

Recapping Nvidia’s editors day 2008

As an alternative to the previous story, Benchmark Reviews were actually present at Nvidia's editors day, and reported on the event's happenings.

GeForce GTX 280, 260 specifications surface

After not being invited to Nvidia's editors day, The Inquirer have spilled the beans about Nvidia's GTX 280 and 260.

Radeon HD 4000-series coolers pictured

Various photos have emerged that show-off the HD 4000-series coolers. The photo's appear to match the recent drawings.

GeForce GTX 280 folding numbers leaked

With a folding client for Nvidia GPU's in the works, a new slide has emerged which indicates that the GTX 280 will have three times the folding power of the HD 3870.

Guitar Hero World Tour retail pricing set

Following the confirmation of the game's instruments, the fully-fledged version of Guitar Hero World Tour is set to retail at US $189.

Vista Home Premium installed on Eee PC 900

OC Workbench are claiming that they've installed Windows Vista Home Premium onto an Eee PC 900, and the pictures prove it!

Asus now suing Gigabyte over EPU claims

In what was sparked by Gigabyte claiming that Asus' Energy Processing Unit is overrated, Asus is now suing the Taiwanese company for "defamatory acts". More below...

Intel to bundle SSD’s with Centrino 2 systems

In a bid to make solid-state drives the mainstream notebook storage format, Intel will bundle its upcoming SSD's with the Centrino 2 (Montevina) platform.

First GeForce GTX 280 waterblock pictured

The first rendered pictures have surfaced of the Aquagrafx G200 waterblock, which as you've no doubt guessed, is for Nvidia's GTX 280.

Apacer launch new Aeolus DDR3 memory

Apacer has launched its latest flagship product - Aeolus DDR3-1800 memory (7-7-7-20) with a fan built into the heatsink.

Folding client for Nvidia GPU’s confirmed

According to PC Perspective, a Folding@Home client for Nvidia GPU's is on the way, ending the exclusivity with AMD graphics cards.

Adobe’s CS4 to utilize GPU horsepower

Adobe will rely on graphics processors for an additional performance boost in CS4. The technology has already been demonstrated to Nvidia...

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