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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Asus’ HD 3850 Trinity reviewed

VR-Zone has taken a look to see how Asus' HD 3850 Trinity stacks up against the two current flagships - the 9800 GX2 and HD 3870 X2.

Sony losing $260 on each PS3 sold

Following an analysis of their recently released financial results, Sony are making more losses on every PS3 sold than they are willing to admit.

Nintendo fined for patent infringement

Nintendo has been ordered to pay $21 million to Anascape, a small East Texas gaming company, for infringing a gaming controller patent.

Gigabyte, Asus EPU war continues

Following Gigabyte's claims about Asus' "misleading" Energy Processing Unit, both companies have been at each other non-stop...

Catalyst reveals new Radeons, as usual

After having a quick look at the Catalyst 8.5 support list, TechConnect have discovered a new Radeon HD 3410, 3550, 3730 and even a Sapphire HD 3750.

Guitar Hero World Tour instruments confimed

Activision has finally confirmed that Guitar Hero World Tour will include a microphone, a "genuine" electronic drum kit, along with a redesigned guitar.

Sony invest large amount in OLED future

Come the second half of this year, Sony will invest approximately $210 million to strengthen its lead in the production of OLED panels.

ZoneAlarm release Force Field plug-in

ZoneAlarm has unleashed a plug-in called Force Field, which in short, creates a virtual user when someone goes online, improving security.

Early RV770 performance figures emerge

VR-Zone has been provided with various performance numbers regarding how the RV770 XT and Pro will compare to Nvidia's current line-up.

Intel’s six-core Dunnington priced, detailed

While this is very preliminary, prices and various specifications for Intel’s six-core Dunnington processors have been revealed.

AMD’s RV770 Pro can hit 900MHz, apparently

Despite the lack of evidence behind this, Fudzilla believe that the RV770 Pro will be capable of reaching a 900MHz core speed.

Ubisoft report earnings, announce new games

Ubisoft has revealed that its latest earnings add up to $1.5 billion. The publisher has also announced three new games.

Bioshock for the PlayStation 3 confirmed

The cover of the latest UK-based gaming magazine PSM3 has confirmed that a PS3 version of Bioshock is in the works.

Nvidia acquire ray tracing maker RayScale

While details remain slim, Nvidia has reportedly acquired RayScale, the maker of the ray tracing software.

Yahoo delay annual meeting, lose director

Yahoo has delayed its annual meeting until the end of July, and announced the resignation of a board member.

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