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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

AMD’s RV770 arriving June 18th!

Just before I knock off for the day, breaking news from VR-Zone cites that AMD's RV770 will arrive on June 18th (fitting it into the time-frame defined earlier today).

MSI’s Wind laptop examined, tested

Following yesterday's pictures of the Wind laptop, the folks over at ChileHardware have published a hands-on analysis of the Eee PC alternative.

MySpace awarded 230 million from spam case

As a result of the defendants failing to appear in court, MySpace has been awarded 230 million in damages in the largest judgment ever against spammers.

Guitar Hero IV drum-kit exposed online

A generous reader of the latest Game Informer magazine has scanned an image of the drum-kit to be included in Guitar Hero IV.

Fedora 9 released to the open source world

Open-source users will be pleased to know that the latest Linux operating system sponsored by Red Hat - Fedora 9 - has been released.

Microsoft developing Wii-mote for Xbox 360?

A leaked feature list for the upcoming Spring dashboard update has evidence that the Xbox 360 will soon have a motion-sensing magic wand.

Sony claim record-breaking quarter

Sony has announced that its sales and operating revenue has hit 78.5 billion, touting that the quarter broke several company records.

Foxconn extend graphics card warranty

Foxconn has answered consumer's demands, extending its warranty period for graphics cards to three years (if purchased after the 1st of May).

MSI launch overclocked 9600 GSO

MSI has launched an overclocked 384MB 9600 GSO that operates at 600MHz/900MHz, and features MSI's Seaweed-blade cooler.

Next Office for Mac to include Visual Basic

Microsoft has announced that the next major release of Office for Macs will reunite users with Visual Basic for Applications.

Dell to continue with XPS, despite claims

Dell has responded to claims stating that it will abandon several XPS desktops. To keep things brief, Dell will propel Alienware as their premier brand, though not abandon XPS.

Gigabyte claim Asus’ EPU is overrated

Gigabyte has claimed that Asus is "playing numbers marketing" and "cheating end users" with its EPU (Energy Processing Unit).

Xbox 360 sales surpass 10 million in the US

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 is the first "current-gen" console to sell 10 million units in the US.

Nvidia’s GT200 arriving before RV770?

Among reporting loads of information about AMD's upcoming HD 4000-series, TG Daily believe that the first RV770 products will arrive somewhere between June 15 and June 22.

Sony release new PlayStation 3 firmware

Sony has released firmware 2.35 for its PS3. The latest release, much to the disappointment of users, doesn't fix GTA IV lockups.

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