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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Creative release another X-Fi

Creative has expanded its X-Fi line-up once more, this time adding an external soundblaster with a respectable price of $59.

AMD to outsource CPU production

AMD will outsource its CPU production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in the second half of this year, according to DigiTimes.

Eee PC 900 now available to US

The second take on the Eee PC (which includes an 8.9-inch screen) has now been released to the US market, in both XP or Linux configurations.

Dell to focus on Alienware, not XPS

We've received word that as of next month, Dell will be abandoning four of its XPS PC's in order to focus more on Alienware.

Early Intel X58 details emerge

Various slides are floating about with some more juicy information about Intel's unannounced X58 chipset (previously know as Tylersburg).

More on Intel’s mid-range overclock lock

NordicHardware have shared their thoughts regarding the overclocking lock Intel will place on its upcoming Lynnfield and Havendale processors.

P45 to bring overclocking twist!

After speaking to MSI's P45 engineers and OCZ's Tony Leach, Bit-tech have learned that overclocking on Intel's upcoming P45 chipset will have a few twists.

Desktop Eee PC pictured

ChileHardware have found a few additional pictures of the upcoming desktop Eee PC, alias the Atom-powered "Eee BOX B202".

Mario Rivas leaves AMD

Confirming yesterday's rumours, AMD has announced that Mario Rivas will depart the company, leaving Randy Allen to replace him.

Windows XP SP3 gaming benefits tested

ExtremeTech have compared the gaming benefits XP's final service pack offers compared to Vista's service pack one.

Future Larrabee’s to be quad-core

VR-Zone has been informed that the second generation Larrabee's will be quad-core, placing the chip in a more competitive position against Nvidia's upcoming tech.

Qimonda begin GDDR5 production

Qimonda have announced that its GDDR5 memory is now in production, which will improve both memory bandwidth and speeds.

Nvidia deny VIA acqusition talks

After much confusion, Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has dispelled rumors that the company is going to buy-out VIA.

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