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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Hybrid SLI for Intel pushed back

Hybrid SLI won't be hitting Intel's chipsets until quarter three, according to TechConnect Magazine. The technology is already supported by selected AMD chipsets, though.

Intel recieve SSD orders from Google

DigiTimes informs us that Intel has received solid-state drive orders from Google, who plan on swapping their US servers to the flash-based alternative.

Nvidia’s GT200 supports 512-bit memory

The rumour mill's latest news states that Nvidia's GT200 core supports 512-bit memory, much like the RV770 XT. Additionally, it's also currently being sampled.

More GeForce 9900 drawings surface

VR-Zone have confirmed that the 9900 GTX mechanical drawings seen at the end of last week are the real deal, as they've just received some extra drawings from their "reliable sources".

Gears of War 2 trailer released

The first Gears of War 2 trailer for the Xbox 360 has been released by Epic Games. You can add to the 352,963 views over at Gametrailers.

Another AMD executive to retire, apparently

Fudzilla seem to have some insider information stating that AMD will announce the retirement of Mario Rivas at an unspecified date.

Samsung tout 22x DVD burner

Samsung has released a DVD drive which can write at 22X speeds on 16X media and 12X speeds on 8X media. The SH-S223 is only available in India for the time being.

Apple receives poor energy rating

A report by Climate Counts has awarded Apple a rating of 11 (from a possible 100) regarding power consumption.

Firefox 3 RC1 complete, arriving late May

Firefox users will be pleased to know that Mozilla has now completed work on the first release-candidate of Firefox 3.0. Expect a late May release.

GeForce 9500-series to be 55nm, eventually

VR-Zone reports that Nvidia's upcoming 9500 GT and 9500 GS will utilize a 55nm GPU, despite being 65nm at launch.

Hackers hide rootkits in CPU’s

To be demonstrated at the Black Hat security conference in August, security researchers have developed malicious rootkit software that lives in a computer's CPU.

Codemasters to produce future F1 games

Codemasters has just secured the rights to produce the future FIA Formula One World Championship games. Sony was previously behind the title.

Sapphire show-off DisplayPort FireGL’s

Workstation users who fancy DisplayPort outputs should pay Sapphire's website a visit, where various FireGL cards with the new socket have been detailed.

Gigabyte watercools upcoming P45 board

Gigabyte has made some major changes to its upcoming P45-Extreme motherboard. Let's just say that chipset watercooling is on the agenda...

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