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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Microsoft limit capabilities of cheap laptops

Microsoft has laid down the law regarding the use of Windows XP on ultra low-cost PC's, stating that 80GB drives and 10.2" non-touch screens are the maximum allowed.

Nvidia: only the UK talks about ATI

TechRadar have alleged that Nvidia's Roy Taylor told them "the UK is the only place in the world where anyone talks about AMD or ATI". Ouch!

Microsoft sells 2 million Zune players

Microsoft's answer to the iPod has now sold 2 million units. It seems, however, to have primarily damaged Creative's market share rather than Apple's.

EA developing Wii Sports rivals

EA has revealed plans that special versions of the "EA Sports" games are being developed for Nintendo's Wii. Watch out Wii Sports!

How Intel will lock overclocking on LGA 1160

Fudzilla have learned that there is no straightforward workaround for disabling Intel's overclocking lock present in the upcoming Lynnfield and Havendale processors (socket 1160).

Sparkle show-off 1GB Calibre 9600 GT

Dual fans, heatpipes and 1GB of memory are the selling points for Sparkle's latest take on the Calibre 9600 GT.

Far Cry 2 developer trailer released

I'm a day or two behind on this one, but Ubisoft has recently released an introductory video for Far Cry 2, combining both gameplay footage, and developer interviews.

Possible GeForce 9900 mechanical drawings?

While these are most likely counterfeit, a user on the XtremeSystem's forum has posted a picture of what is described as a "mechanical drawing" of two 9900 cards (GT200).

Cooler Master launch passive Hyper Z600

Cooler Master have launched the uniquely designed Hyper Z600 noiseless CPU cooler. The cooler's X-shape accompanies six heatpipes and a weight of 1045g.

Bioshock movie in the works

Universal Studios has signed a deal to transform Bioshock into a movie. Gore Verbinski, who was behind all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, will produce and direct the film.

Galaxy, Zotac launch 9600 GSO’s

Both Galaxy and Zotac have announced flavors of the recently-released 9600 GSO (previously the 8800 GS). Galaxy's card is the first of the new Black Edition range.

Intel’s Tylersburg to be dubbed X58

Intel's Tylersburg chipset is apparently going to bare the X58 moniker. The chip will be used on Socket 1366 motherboards, and assist the quad-core Bloomfield processors.

Activision confirms Call of Duty 5

Among reporting a 2.9 Billion USD profit so far this year, Activision has confirmed that a fifth installment in the Call of Duty series is on the way, which will be set in "a new military theatre".

AMD to go “high-k” in 2009

Word has surfaced that AMD will make the switch to the 45nm high-k process (used on Intel's Penryn chips) in 2009 with its first octo-core chips.

Toshiba aims for 50% of the SSD market

Toshiba has hopes of producing one in every two solid-state drives sold within the close of the decade.

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