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Archive for October 17th, 2021

AMD’s Istanbul core launching H2, 2009

Numerous reports are floating about indicating that AMD will launch a 6-core chip (like Intel's Dunnington) codenamed Istanbul in the second half of next year.

More 9900 GTX information surfaces

An unidentified source has told NordicHadware that the upcoming 9900 GTX will boast 240 shader processors, 32 ROPS, and a 512-bit memory controller.

Microsoft withdraws proposal to acquire Yahoo

Despite the continued belief that acquiring Yahoo is in the best interests for both companies, Microsoft has officially withdrawn its acquisition request.

Various P45 motherboards detailed

With the launch of Intel's 4-series chipets set for early June, P45 board's from MSI and Gigabyte have been detailed. Additionally, Asus's P5Q3 Deluxe has been reviewed.

Windows XP SP3 hits Automatic Updates

Windows XP users will be aware that the operating system's third and final service pack has hit Automatic Updates.

Nvidia launches nForce 780a chipset

Nvidia has launched the long-overdue nForce 780a chipset, which has an integrated graphics processor for Hybrid SLI. Follow the link for reviews.

Intel’s 4-series chipsets set for Computex debut

DigiTimes reports that Intel's 4-series chipsets will be launched at Computex 2008, with supporting motherboards shipping in the "third week of June".

Nvidia hints at simplified naming scheme

A Nvidia spokesman has admitted that the company's current naming scheme "is over complicated and too confusing for many customers."

id Software announce Doom 4

id Software have announced that development on the fourth installment in the Doom franchise has begun. The game will reportedly require the "brightest minds in the industry".

AMD needs to double its market share to survive

A brief filed by AMD's lawyers has stated that the company needs to double its microprocessor market share in order to "operate long-term as a sustainable business".

Eee PC 900 set for US launch on May 12

Tech Report have been informed that Asus's second take on the Eee PC - which includes a larger screen and greater storage capacity - will hit the US market on May 12.

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