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Archive for October, 2021

Seagate joining SSD market next year

InfoWorld has had an interview with Seagate's CEO Bill Watkins regarding when SSD's will be affordable, and when Seagate will enter the market.

Foxconn show-off Quantum Force Denube

Foxconn is set to unveil the Quantum Force Denube (an extremely overkill LAN box) at Computex.

Desktop Eee PC reviewed, dissected

AnandTech have dissected the desktop derivative of the Eee PC, which is expected to be marketed as the Eee Box.

Corsair to expand Dominator memory lineup

Corsair will update its flagship Dominator family during Computex by adding a new 4GB kit operating at 2,000MHz (PC3-16,000).

Intel tout high-capacity 34nm flash chip

Intel has shown-off a 32GB flash chip manufactured on a 34nm process. The chip is a part of a joint-venture with Micron.

Adobe Fireworks CS4 sets out to impress

Following their recent look at the new Dreamweaver, PC World have shared their thoughts on Fireworks CS4.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry sequel gets previewed, again

Another preview of Far Cry 2 has surfaced, this time over at Trusted Reviews. The article includes plenty of images showing off the game's 50 square kilometers of land.

Gigabyte set to calm waters with Asus

Gigabyte is set to apologize to Asus for using a misleading picture during the infamous DES vs. EPU presentation. Front page apology ads in the biggest Taiwanese newspapers are expected.

VIA launch new low-cost Nano CPU’s

Previously known as Isaiah, VIA has launched its new low-cost Nano CPU's, which will rival Intel's Atoms.

Nvidia prepare 55nm GT200 die shrink

According to The Inquirer, Nvidia's 55nm refresh of its GT200 core is already underway. A late Q3 or early Q4 launch currently looks to be the case.

Another potential Eee PC killer on the loose

Joining MSI's Wind and Dell's Mininote is Acer, who's new Eee PC killer has been pictured - alias the 8.9" Aspire One.

Die-shot of Nvidia’s GT200 core leaked

A high-res die shot of Nvidia's upcoming GT200 core has surfaced over at VR-Zone. The shot confirms the rumoured 240 stream processors.

GeForce GTX 260 and 280 pricing updated

A slide has emerged which indicates that Nvidia's GTX 260 and 280 will cost $449 and $649 respectively.

S3 adds Chrome 440 GTX to graphics lineup

Not to be confused with Nvidia's future lineup, S3 has added the new Chrome 440 GTX to its portfolio.

Intel Bloomfield CPU pictured with X58

Bit-tech has been provided with various pictures of Intel's upcoming Bloomfield CPU, as well as the Tylersberg chipset (which will be dubbed X58).

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