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Sunday Sampler [13-04-08]

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Posted April 13, 2008 by admin in Internet

Nvidia is going to use Hynix memory as a second source for its 9800 GTX. Current boards use Samsung chips. “The current source is… Samsung with their K4J52324QE 0.8ns GDDR3 memories while the fastest equivalent from Hynix is HY5RS123235BFP 0.8ns part.”

Fourteen months after commencement, Ben Heck has completed work on the first and only PS3 laptop. “Don’t forget, next week we’ll be putting this one of a kind console up for charity auction. Save your pennies, a Friday night beer only lasts a few minutes, but a Ben Heck PS3 Laptop will last forever.”

An external company has been selling fake DFI motherboards in Indonesia. “DFI has alerted media today that motherboards are selling in the Indonesian market which claim to be DFI motherboards but are not. The models circulating around are the ?MCP73V? and ?MCP68PV?.”

The next-generation Nvidia cards are apparently going to bring back weird ram sizes – how about 896 MB. “The second one is codenamed D10U-20 and it will have 896MB of memory… This new card indicates… that the new chip might support more than the regular 256-bit memory interface.”

Bit-tech have reviewed the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo. “The lack of a damage model seriously affects the realism of the game and there’s no real difficulty curve to speak of until you get to the Class S races. Anything up to that point is just a case of bigger and faster.”

TechReport have investigated the delicate GeForce 9-series SLI scaling topic. “Two G92 GPUs consistently perform as well as three or four RV670s, and they therefore run into a whole different set of scaling problems as the GPU count rises.”

Nvidia’s 9500 GS has been tested, and performance is a little more promising than the 9500 GT. “It has the same 128-bit memory interface and 512MB memory buffer, but lower clocks; 1.0GHz GDDR2. Core and shader clocks have also been reduced; 550MHz and 1375MHz respectively”

During Nvidia’s Financial Analyst Day conference, the company talked down a few of Intel’s projects. “Huang summed up Nvidia’s position on Larrabee in one sentence: “We’re gonna open a can of whoop-ass [on Intel].” The Nvidia CEO’s other arguments weren’t quite as strongly worded”.

The Eee PC 900 is apparently going to ship with dual-core processors in order to arrive before Acer and HP’s Atom-powered competitors. “Intel will ship its Atom processors, developed for low-cost portable devices, in May… Asustek is expected to adopt the Atom processors in later versions of its Eee PCs.”

Finally, Fudzilla have managed to overclock the 9800 GTX to 815MHz. “The memory also got an excellent boost, and we pushed it up to 1230MHz (2460MHz effectively). This is great overclocking, and we?ve seen certain individuals managing to push their 9800 GTX cards over 840MHz by using just air cooling.”

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