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Catalyst 8.4 released

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Posted April 17, 2008 by admin in News

? Company of Heroes: Setting the in-game options to maximum levels no longer results in the game exiting to the desktop after the game has completed loading.
? Crysis: Setting the Catalyst? Control Center->Advanced View->3D->Standard Settings to Optimal Quality and having certain in game option settings no longer results in the game failing to render properly.
? Doom 3: Setting the in game options to Ultra Quality and the screen size to 1600×1200 no longer results in the image next to the text failing to be rendered.
? Hellgate: London: Flickering is no longer noticed when quitting and then relaunching the game when the in-game setting are set to their maximum levels.
? Lost Planet: Setting AA to either 4x or 8x no longer results in the game failing to respond.

? Tabula Rasa: Setting the graphics option to enable Deferred Lighting and Dynamic Shadows no longer results in corruption being displayed.
? Tomb Raider Anniversary: Performance improvements are now noticed when playing the game with CrossFire? enabled.
? Playing a game that uses the Unreal Engine 3.0 no longer results in AA setting not having any effect on the game when CrossFire is enabled.

Catalyst 8.4 is available for download via AMD’s Game website.

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