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AMD’s RV770 on schedule for Computex debut?

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Posted April 12, 2008 by admin in News

We know that RV770 is in production and that things have been going quite smoothly up till now. We’ve been looking forward to seeing the first cards at Computex in June, but it seems like the card will be ready even sooner. We’ve been hearing stories about a launch in late May, and more stories have popped up now saying the same thing. Since GDDR5 is still at an early stage it seems that the first models may use GDDR3 instead. This should put RV770 cards at a very interesting price point. Yields are good and GDDR3 chips are plentiful. Let’s just hope that there is something to the specifications circulating in the east, and we might have a real killer at hand.

Nvidia’s GT200 core is also looking to arrive slightly ahead of schedule. Previously set for a July debut, Fudzilla report that the chip is already up and running. Details are still slim, though it’s vital that the chip arrives as close to the RV770 launch as possible.

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