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AMD’s RV670 will not hit A12 silicon

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Posted April 17, 2008 by admin in News

We learned that despite much talk RV670 won’t be going for A12 silicon version. The last version remains A11 as RV770 sets to replace this chip in late Q2. As late Q2 usually means June, we are not so far off from a new chip and we learned that in spite of that partners believe AMD won’t have this new faster and better revision of RV670. The current version is as good as it needs to be and it will hold the water until RV770 comes into play. So, if you still want to buy Radeon 3870 or 3850 now is a good time, or you can wait for RV770 and its high-end R700 brother that are set to come in the next three months.

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