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Archive for January 28th, 2021

Catalyst 8.4 released

Catalyst 8.3 was seen as one of the biggest driver releases of the year, and now AMD has rolled out version 8.4, which doesn't look to be as spectacular. Alongside support for Stanford University's second-generation GPU folding client, the drivers fix bugs in Crysis, Lost Planet, Company of Heroes, Hellgate London and a few others. Catalyst 8.3 also improves anti-aliasing settings for Unreal Engine 3 games, and is available for Linux PC's. AMD note that the Linux release adds support for Radeon HD 3800, 3600, and 3400 graphics cards.

AMD’s RV670 will not hit A12 silicon

Despite speculation that a revised HD 3870 X2 is in the works, Fudzilla have learned that the RV670 will never hit A12 silicon. Early last month, the same site reported that revision A12 will add support for PCIe 2.0, boast higher clocks, and shorten the board's length. They now believe that the RV770 is the reason for abandoning the revised silicon - which does make sense, especially considering it's heading for an early June launch. The site add that the current revision "is good as it needs to be" until the RV770 takes over.

GeForce 9500 GT revives clock throttling

Lowering devices clock speeds when idling is nothing new: both Intel and AMD do it on their processors, and AMD also on its graphics cards. Nvidia once used such a feature, though it disappeared with the 8-series. Expreview has now discovered that the unannounced 9500 GT has revived the power saving feature. Using RivaTuners clock monitoring tool, they discovered that the board's clocks instantly drop from around 600MHz to 200MHz when in 2D mode. Temperatures also drop from 55?C to 50? in the process.

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