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Archive for January 28th, 2021

Windows 7 restored to 2010 release schedule

The Dreams of people who did not want to embrace Windows Vista have again been shattered. Microsoft has re-confirmed that Windows 7 will not be released in 2009, but it is projected to be released in 2010. Bill Gates was only referring to the beta of the next operating system coming next year, not the actual operating system itself.

HP launches $499 notebook PC with VIA CPU

Yet again, another computer vendor decided to go after Asus's Eee PC, and this time, it happens to be the world?s biggest PC vendor, Hewlett Packard. HP unveiled its new 2133 Mini-Notebook PC, aimed at the education market, which starts at just $499. It is a little pricier than the Eee PC models; however, the HP 2133 has a larger screen measuring 8.9? 1280x768 and a fancier anodized aluminium shell.

Palit’s 9600 GT available for $109

The moment Nvidia's 9600 GT arrived, AMD were left with no choice but to slash the HD 3870 and 3850's prices - which currently dip to as low as $169 and $129 respectively (a $30 price difference is more appropriate than the rumoured $14, which misrepresented the performance differences). At launch time, the GeForce 9600 GT retailed at $169, though now one of Palit's 512MB offerings can be found for as little as $109, after the $40 mail rebate of course. The lower price places the 9600 GT away from 8800 GT territory.

Partners roll-out overclocked 9800 GX2’s

With rumours emerging that the 9800 GX2 may be getting ready for a June death, partners have already rolled-out various overclocked models. As one has come to expect, EVGA offers the fastest version, identified by the "SSC" suffix. Compared to the stock clocks of 675MHz for the core, 1688MHz for the shaders, and 1100MHz for the memory, EVGA's flavor operates at a rather tasty 770MHz, 1944MHz and 1150MHz respectively. BFG's 9800 GX2 OCX follows with a 755MHz core clock, while Zotac's 9800 GTX AMP! Edition comes behind in third.

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