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Catalyst 8.4 released

Catalyst 8.3 was seen as one of the biggest driver releases of the year, and now AMD has rolled out version 8.4, which doesn't look to be as spectacular. Alongside support for Stanford University's second-generation GPU folding client, the drivers fix bugs in Crysis, Lost Planet, Company of Heroes, Hellgate London and a few others. Catalyst 8.3 also improves anti-aliasing settings for Unreal Engine 3 games, and is available for Linux PC's. AMD note that the Linux release adds support for Radeon HD 3800, 3600, and 3400 graphics cards.

AMD’s RV670 will not hit A12 silicon

Despite speculation that a revised HD 3870 X2 is in the works, Fudzilla have learned that the RV670 will never hit A12 silicon. Early last month, the same site reported that revision A12 will add support for PCIe 2.0, boast higher clocks, and shorten the board's length. They now believe that the RV770 is the reason for abandoning the revised silicon - which does make sense, especially considering it's heading for an early June launch. The site add that the current revision "is good as it needs to be" until the RV770 takes over.

GeForce 9500 GT revives clock throttling

Lowering devices clock speeds when idling is nothing new: both Intel and AMD do it on their processors, and AMD also on its graphics cards. Nvidia once used such a feature, though it disappeared with the 8-series. Expreview has now discovered that the unannounced 9500 GT has revived the power saving feature. Using RivaTuners clock monitoring tool, they discovered that the board's clocks instantly drop from around 600MHz to 200MHz when in 2D mode. Temperatures also drop from 55?C to 50? in the process.

GeForce 9800 GT to be Nvidia’s first 55nm chip

This time last month, we learned that Nvidia planned on shrinking its G92 core to 55nm, primarily to compete against AMD's upcoming RV770 core. VR-Zone has now learned that the first 55nm G92 core will power the 9800 GT, which will reportedly arrive in June with the GeForce 9900-series. Specifications are still slim, though the 8800 GT's 112 stream processors, as well as three-way SLI and Hybrid Power will be thrown into the mix. Of course, being a 55nm chip, the 9800 GT will also consume less power, and run cooler.

Sunday Sampler [13-04-08]

The last time Dell was the star of the Sampler, rumours emerged that they'd ceased selling AMD computers. Their latest drama involves the DisplayPort equipped 30-inch 3008WFP monitor, which has mysteriously disappeared from the company's website. After sending Dell an email, Engadget has learned that the monitor experienced a "small technical issue", which has since been "long resolved". Due to the usual large demand though, Dell are prioritizing orders, and hope to get the panel back online sometime in the "near future". Let's never speak of this again.

AMD’s RV770 on schedule for Computex debut?

According to mulitple sources, AMD's RV770 graphics cards remain on schedule, and could arrive as early as late May or early June. With this in mind, it's quite feasible that the first RV770 boards could be on display at Computex Taipei, which takes place in early June. NordicHardware believe that the first models will sport GDDR3 memory, as opposed to GDDR5. The site adds that yields are good, and utilizing GDDR3 memory will place the board in a "very interesting price point". The chip is already at the "pilot production" stage.

AMD’s Chief Technology Officer steps down

Days after announcing a 10% workforce reduction, a report has surfaced which indicates that AMD's Chief Technology Officer, Phil Hester, has stepped down. Hester wishes to "pursue other opportunities" in his absence from AMD. Oddly enough, AMD has no intention of replacing him. Instead, the company will "distribute" his responsibilities across individual business units. Hester's bio, which has since been removed, says that he was "responsible for setting the architectural and product strategies and plans for AMD?s microprocessor business."

AMD prepares GeForce Boost take-off

According to Fudzilla, AMD has a solution up its sleeve that closely mimics Nvidia's GeForce Boost. Supported through AMD's upcoming 790GX chipset (essentially a 790FX with in-built graphics), the new type of CrossFire combines the integrated GPU with not one, but two discrete graphics cards. The site elaborate that they're unsure how much of a performance boost combining the three GPU's will offer, though judging by Nvidia's GeForce Boost, this will be a low-end feature.

Intel’s Q9300 vs AMD’s Phenom 9850

Intel's quad-core Penryn processors have been out for quite some time - even if they're nearly impossible to come across. AMD, on the other hand, have only just rolled out some bug-free chips late last month, the flagship product being the 2.5GHz 9850. Despite the $50 price differences (AMD's being the cheaper of the two), ExtremeTech have directly compared AMD's flasgship with Intel's 2.5GHz Q9300. The performance of both chips greatly reflects their price, with the Q9300 storming ahead in the majority of the benchmarks.

GeForce 9500 GT briefly reviewed

There's no denying that the 9600 GT offered a huge performance jump over its predecessor, though judging by the first review of the 9500 GT, it's quite the opposite. Before we get to the performance, the board's G96 core is clocked at 650MHz, while the shaders operate at 1625MHz. Memory differs from a GDDR2 version clocked at 900MHz, or a faster GDDR3 at 1600MHz flavor. Interestingly enough, the site's graphs show the card to be running close to 8600 GT speeds, which VR-Zone once confirmed to be the legit clocks...

GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB nearing extinction

With the rumour mill churning out of control with 9900-series information, Nvidia has apparently decided to discontinue not only the 9800 GX2 (as learnt on Tuesday), but also the 8800 GTS 512MB. This comes as no surprise, especially when you consider that the revised 8800 GTS uses the same G92 core as the 9-series. This becomes even more apparent when taking into account that the card lacks three-way SLI and HybridPower support. We're still yet to hear anything about a 9900 GTS, or when the 8800 GTS will hit EOL.

Windows 7 restored to 2010 release schedule

The Dreams of people who did not want to embrace Windows Vista have again been shattered. Microsoft has re-confirmed that Windows 7 will not be released in 2009, but it is projected to be released in 2010. Bill Gates was only referring to the beta of the next operating system coming next year, not the actual operating system itself.

HP launches $499 notebook PC with VIA CPU

Yet again, another computer vendor decided to go after Asus's Eee PC, and this time, it happens to be the world?s biggest PC vendor, Hewlett Packard. HP unveiled its new 2133 Mini-Notebook PC, aimed at the education market, which starts at just $499. It is a little pricier than the Eee PC models; however, the HP 2133 has a larger screen measuring 8.9? 1280x768 and a fancier anodized aluminium shell.

Palit’s 9600 GT available for $109

The moment Nvidia's 9600 GT arrived, AMD were left with no choice but to slash the HD 3870 and 3850's prices - which currently dip to as low as $169 and $129 respectively (a $30 price difference is more appropriate than the rumoured $14, which misrepresented the performance differences). At launch time, the GeForce 9600 GT retailed at $169, though now one of Palit's 512MB offerings can be found for as little as $109, after the $40 mail rebate of course. The lower price places the 9600 GT away from 8800 GT territory.

Partners roll-out overclocked 9800 GX2’s

With rumours emerging that the 9800 GX2 may be getting ready for a June death, partners have already rolled-out various overclocked models. As one has come to expect, EVGA offers the fastest version, identified by the "SSC" suffix. Compared to the stock clocks of 675MHz for the core, 1688MHz for the shaders, and 1100MHz for the memory, EVGA's flavor operates at a rather tasty 770MHz, 1944MHz and 1150MHz respectively. BFG's 9800 GX2 OCX follows with a 755MHz core clock, while Zotac's 9800 GTX AMP! Edition comes behind in third.

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