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Nvidia’s quad-SLI officially launched

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Posted March 27, 2008 by admin in News

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The bottom line right now is that this is not a solution for most people. Unless we see great scaling in Crysis, there are only a few other compelling features that can currently be enabled through the use of Quad SLI. Sure, it might handle future games with ease, but we always advise against trying to future proof when it comes to graphics. That?s always a path that leads to heartache and the hemorrhaging of money. Just ask previous 7950 GX2 Quad SLI owners about how happy they’ve been with support and performance over the past year. If you aren?t obsessed with Crysis, skip it. If you are obsessed with Crysis, we?ll get back to you with some numbers on what performance is like once we find a system we can get some headroom on: I?ll have 790i this week and I?ll be hard at work testing it out.

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