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Next-generation RV770 board pictured

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Posted March 4, 2008 by admin in News

The report might have only been a rumor, but the folks at VR-Zone have spotted a picture that suggests AMD may indeed be pretty far along on its upcoming GPUs. The picture, which was originally posted by Chinese site ChipHell, shows what’s said to be an RV770 graphics board. The PCB doesn’t look too different from existing RV670 boards used by Radeon HD 3870 and Radeon HD 3870 cards, but there are a few differences, namely in the placement of the memory chips and the PCI Express power connector. The area on the board that’s meant to play host to the actual RV770 GPU is empty, however.

The board’s core is set to run “over” 1GHz, and will accompany GDDR5 memory. Thankfully, this information quite nicely matches our previous source, who stated that the core will run at 1050MHz. So at least something in that table is correct. More info is available here.

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