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Intel’s P45 chipset pushed back to June

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Posted March 29, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Intel is delaying the launch schedule of its P45 chipset from originally in May to mid-June, according to sources at motherboard makers. The delay of the chipset is due to problems over compatibility between the chipset’s PCI Express x16 port and graphics cards, noted the sources, adding that Intel has notified them that the problem should be solved and ready to launch 2-4 weeks behind the original launch schedule.

Some motherboard makers pointed out that the delay will give them more time to clear up their P35 inventory, however, the comparability problem will surely damage Intel’s image over technological development.

VR-Zone has now thrown a spanner in the works citing a source who says that the X48 will not arrive in June, but rather late May. Another source claims no delay exists, and P45 products will roll-out as previously intended in early May – we’ll just wait and see…

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